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About Doncaster Refurnish

A huge amount of perfectly functional furniture still goes to landfill sites every year.........Our ambition is to save these valuable resources from becoming waste.

Refurnish opened in Doncaster in 2003 with the ambition of preventing perfectly functional furniture from ending up as waste in landfill sites.  We wanted to promote the ethos of recycling and environmentally sustainable living by collecting and restoring this furniture so that it could be sold to local people at affordable prices. We began in a small way with a  small staff. One success led to another and we have grown into a unique and vibrant social enterprise operating from several locations in and around Doncaster.

People are at the heart of our business. Many of those employed at Refurnish are from disadvantaged backgrounds or have special needs and were facing long-term unemployment. We also provide volunteering, training and work placement opportunities. At Refurnish, we enable people to fulfil their potential by providing a supportive and friendly working environment where confidence, skills and experience can be developed. We are proud to have won the Doncaster Employers of the Year Award 2010 for Outstanding Achievement. 

Refurnish is helping to protect the environment by cutting down the amount of waste going to landfill. Besides collecting furniture and electrical appliances donated by members of the public, we also have contracts with statutory and private partners to remove household and business waste. We creatively refurbish, reuse and recycle as much of this as we can. Refurnish also sells a selection of new furniture and electrical good, all at very reasonable prices.

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